Curiosity rover finds conditions suited for ancient life on Mars.

The discoveries made in recent days by the Curiosity rover prove that Mars could have conditions suitable for developing a life.

Added: 18/03/2013
Russian satellite hit by debris from Chinese Anti-Satellite Test
HAARP: plasma cloud
Curiosity: update
Meteor explosion over Russia and asteroid flyby.
Hello after break
P.A.S.F. has launched!
Modification date: 18.03.2013

Curiosity rover's recovery is moving forward. After switching the robot to the backup system, scientists from MSL are still trying to repair the A-system. They've managed to get access and save files to the memory that previously wasn't available. Researchers predict that with further attempts they will recover more and they will send a software patch to the robot with memory allocation and managment improvments. Polish Agency for Space Flight keeps fingers crossed for the success of the operation.

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